Varkala, a Phenomenal Place For Writers!

This isn’t going to be like another vacation of yours, in the middle of some messed up city. This is Varkala, a place in Kerala, India where soul and sea meet! Trust me when I say this place is phenomenal because I wouldn’t be calling myself a writer if I never went here. A few resting minutes at the beach and you’ll find the real you, stuck deep inside. So are you a writer or are you lost and puzzled? Whatever it is, Varkala can cure you with its peaceful vibes!

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Varkala doesn’t have much to show you. But its breezing wind of the huge wide sea will comfort its visitors with love and peace! The greenery of the place, along with the sea, drags more and more tourists each year! But still, the place is not as famous as it should be. And that’s exactly why I ended up writing this — I couldn’t resist myself from penning down a few words about the place. I grew up in Varkala and it is my home town. But because of my strict parents, I couldn’t explore myself until I was 13. It was 7 years ago when I completely connected with this place and it has made me realize
who I am, what I am, my purpose and where I should be!
The natural climate and surroundings of the beach can be the perfect inspiration that you, as a writer, might be seeking. Varkala is not just any place where you can visit and scoot — It’s where peace, love, happiness and spirit meets together at one point, and the positive vibes won’t let you leave. And I, as a writer, assure you that this place is going to be a real comfort for your eye; more than that, a refreshment to your soul!
Varkala beach

is the only place in southern Kerala, where you can find cliffs adjacent to the Arabian Sea. And on top of the cliff are resorts, restaurants and other kinds of street shops. I usually take a walk on the hill every 4 or 5 days at night, each week. Trust me, a walk on top of the hill will be a great experience to you. When on the hill, you will get an amazing wide view of the sea, which really is breathtaking! A sunbath is recommended on the beach, or you can just lay down on the shore and rest your body — perhaps get a tan as well. The gentle breeze of wind of the Arabian Sea will surely give you a good, peaceful time on the beach. If you’re looking for the right resort to spend a couple nights, I’d recommend you my personal favorite Mektoub, the ultimate eco-friendly resort!

Kappil lake, Varkala

is well known for its Kappil Lake. It’s a pretty unique spot for tourists to look at as the lake and the sea are on the same level, but a small pathway in the middle keeps them separated! The site is amazing to gaze at, and it’s a true satisfaction to the heart. You can also enjoy the boating service, available right near the lake. The amazing feeling when you reach and experience on the destination is something that cannot be measured or expressed. Kerala is filled with wonders and Varkala being one of them!
Hilltop Mausoleum of Sree Narayana Guru

Janardanaswamy Temple

The hilltop mausoleum of Sree Narayana Guru, also known as Sivagiri Mutt, and 2000-year-old Janardanaswamy Temple are two notable landmarks in Varkala. The place is not just about the breezing wind and beaches; it holds history too! The Janardanaswamy Temple is considered to be an important Vaishnavaite shrine in India and the Mutt is told to have great secrets and history hidden behind it.
As already mentioned, Varkala isn’t famous as it should be. Only people, seeking peace, come to this place and thus, is known to not many. However, the place has never ran out of visitors since its discovery. Each year, more and more tourists visit the place and resorts are considered to be the most revenue generating business in the place as of now. It’s not everyday that you come across some magical place like this and I’m proud to say
this is my home town, and this is where the writer inside me triggered!

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