How Video Games Made Me a Writer  -  Find Your Motivation

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Everything started with video games. My extreme love for video games basically lit up a path for me to be a writer. You see, my parents are not financially settled. I mean they were sleeping on money before I was born but after my birth everything kinda started falling apart and everything they ever had started to hit the ground. When I was 12, my love for video games coined up and I was so desperate to play them. I started buying and downloading a bunch of games and played them over and over again, for 3 long years without a f*cking break! By the time I was 15, I realized I was having a trash laptop and I could barely play any more good games in it! This was when I became more aware of the high-graphic video games and I was so desperate to play them as well. I started buying them but my laptop couldn’t support any of them. I was so desperate back then that I argued with my parents for a new PC but they never even bothered to listen. I was so desperate to play them that I started planning to work to buy a new computer. Having no talent to showcase, I held my hope real close and surfed the internet to find ideas for making some bucks. I actually spend about two or three days searching for answers and I ended up reading freelancing stuff. Didn’t know what freelancing was back then, I researched and gathered what I wanted to know.

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I had pretty good English skills and the easiest freelancing job I could find was to be a writer. And I tell you, it all began there! I was so excited to see such opportunities for talents these days and I gave it a try; I kind of jumped right into it. I signed up at Upwork, one of the best freelancing platforms, started applying for jobs but ended up without one for my initial 3 months there. It kinda broke my heart when I realized the reality that no one ever wanted to hire a 15-year-old! And there I was, sitting in my room, a laptop in front of me — trying to cope with reality and hope whispering not to give up! Just when I felt helpless, I turned up to the mirror and I still remember talking to myself
Oh hello no, I ain’t quitting even if it means I ought to sleep in the streets, eat from a garbage can, walk through the spikes or see the fire of hell — I’m grown up and I will walk right through it, even if it means to be burned alive, I will still turn up somewhere else, so damn alive!
I so f*cking remember saying these words myself in the mirror. And when I think about it now, I’m getting goosebumps! As the youngest member in the family I never really had many choices to make even when I was 15. So all I could think of doing, and actually do, was to sit home with a laptop and freelance and tell my parents I’m working on a school project whenever they asked me to take my eyes off it. I had faith in myself all the way down the road and thing’s started to get paid off on my fourth month at Upwork — I got my first work!

You see what I did back there? Everyone’s good at something but it doesn’t matter what the hell of a talent you got inside you. If you ain’t prepared to go through the worst, if you ain’t prepared to fight your way through — then you’re just a dead man walking!
In order to see the light of success, you must be willing to through go through the fire of hell, get burned alive and then turn up somewhere else, so f*cking alive! Push your limit! Have faith in yourself, have hope, believe, work hard and if you say you can’t see the path to success, f*cking carve one!
It’s necessary to find your motivation to work through. Find what keeps you from sleeping. Find what you always wanted to do. My extreme love for video games motivated me to write at 15 and a hell lot has happened ever since then. Ask yourself what you’re good at. Ask yourself what it is that you always wanted to do. You gotta work through it even when the odds are against you — try!
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
— Confucius

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  2. Greg, I'm terribly sorry for such an experience you encountered when trying to connect. Please understand the fact that facebook put my account on hold. They said this was because they found unusual activities from it and I was asked to verify myself. I gave them every necessary details for the verification and it is under review. Once it is done, my account will be alright and you can interact as well. Please understand that I'm not blocking the admins or anyone else!
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  3. Hi thanks for the read gaming is the birth place for my writing

    Keep up the good work


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