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How Video Games Made Me a Writer  -  Find Your Motivation

Everything started with video games. My extreme love for video games basically lit up a path for me to be a writer. You see, my parents are not financially settled. I mean they were sleeping on money before I was born but after my birth everything kinda started falling apart and everything they ever had started to hit the ground. When I was 12, my love for video games coined up and I was so desperate to play them. I started buying and downloading a bunch of games and played them over and over again, for 3 long years without a f*cking break! By the time I was 15, I realized I was having a trash laptop and I could barely play any more good games in it! This was when I became more aware of the high-graphic video games and I was so desperate to play them as well. I started buying them but my laptop couldn’t support any of them. I was so desperate back then that I argued with my parents for a new PC but they never even bothered to listen. I was so desperate to play them that I started plan…

Varkala, a Phenomenal Place For Writers!

This isn’t going to be like another vacation of yours, in the middle of some messed up city. This is Varkala, a place in Kerala, India where soul and sea meet! Trust me when I say this place is phenomenal because I wouldn’t be calling myself a writer if I never went here. A few resting minutes at the beach and you’ll find the real you, stuck deep inside. So are you a writer or are you lost and puzzled? Whatever it is, Varkala can cure you with its peaceful vibes!

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Varkala doesn’t have much to show you. But its breezing wind of the huge wide sea will comfort its visitors with love and peace! The greenery of the place, along with the sea, drags more and more tourists each year! But still, the place is not as famous as it should be. And that’s exactly why I ended up writing this — I couldn’t resist myself from penning down a few words about the …

Things To Consider Before Starting Your Blog - The Essentials

Setting up a blog can be easy. But it requires passion, as well as determination, to make it grow big! Blogging is not just about stuffing content into the internet for others to read. Blogging is passion, where others come to seek knowledge, consult and trust blindly! You know how much blogging can influence over one’s life, when you realize yourself reading this, seeking knowledge to succeed with your blog as a beginner! Believe me but blogging isn’t something easy. There are certain phases along the way, that are easy as well as difficult to get done. Subscribe to our blog so that you won't miss anything new from us!SUBSCRIBE!1. Choose your blogging niche — the brain of your blogDeciding what to choose to write about is something that you should consider wasting time on. Never write under multiple categories. Going with a single category is always recommended and is the best! Don’t write about what you want; writing about what you want and what you know is different. So write ab…